La Fondation du Théâtre des Osses

Promoting young theatre talent in Switzerland

Founded in 1979 by stage director Gisèle Sallin and actress Véronique Mermoud, the Théâtre des Osses succeeded in establishing itself from the start as a theatre company with high artistic standards. After several years of nomadic existence with numerous performances nationally and abroad, in 1990 the theatre company took up residence in the buildings at the Place des Osses in Givisiez in the canton of Fribourg. In 1996, Gisèle Sallin and Véronique Mermoud set up “La Fondation du Théâtre des Osses”, to consolidate all that they had achieved and to anchor the theatre in the future.

The plays performed at the Théâtre des Osses represent all epochs, from antiquity through to the present day. However Gisèle Sallin and Véronique Mermoud are particularly keen to nurture emerging Swiss theatre talents. So they are constantly on the lookout for plays by unknown, talented Swiss authors, and work with young directors. Collaborations with other Swiss and European theatre companies boost the artistic development of the theatre. Due to the high quality of the performances and the superb artists, the theatre attracts a broad audience.

An issue close to the heart of Théâtre des Osses is the sensitisation of children and young people from the canton of Fribourg to the art of the theatre. Each season, 25 performances are put on specifically for upper secondary students. The theatre company also stages around 15 performances for primary schoolchildren. This all adds up to more than 4000 students in a single season who take their seats in the Théâtre des Osses.

In recognising the Théâtre des Osses as a Centre dramatique fribourgeois in 2002, the canton honoured the work of Gisèle Sallin and Véronique Mermoud. In 2003 they were awarded the Hans-Reinhart Ring for services to theatre arts in Switzerland. In the years since its founding, the Théâtre des Osses has established itself as an important nationwide institution for the promotion of young theatre talent in Switzerland.