Jürg Jegge*
Helping socially marginalized young people
* In April 2017, the achievements of Jürg Jegge – for which he was awarded the Doron Prize – were overshadowed when serious misconduct on the part of the prize winner came to light. The Foundation Board utterly condemns this misconduct, but will not strip Mr Jegge of the prize as he has not been convicted under criminal law at present.





Dr. Martine Rahier
For her research and teaching on stress resistance of plants in semi-natural and agricultural ecosystems.



Werner Wüthrich, PhD, Berne (CH)
To the author Werner Wüthrich, performing arts scientist, for his research on Berthold Brecht.
Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft des Kantons Zug
For its role as social worker and employer in one.


For encouraging young people to volunteer for farm work for over 70 years.
Swiss Red Cross Center for Migration and Health
For giving ambulatory help to victims of torture and war.
Fredi M. Murer, Zurich (CH)
For his contribution to the Swiss film scene as a freelance scriptwriter, film director and producer.


Castellinaria – Festival Internazionale del Cinema Giovane, Bellinzona (CH)
For giving young people the opportunity to serve as film critics.
Hannes Meyer, Soazza (CH)
For his performances as organ soloist and champion of profane organ music at sacred venues.


Maryse Fuhrmann and Valentin Reymond, Neuchâtel (CH)
For developing a quality, affordable chamber opera concept.
Werner Oechslin, Einsiedeln (CH)
For his efforts to make his private library of unique scientific volume available to the public.


Harald Szeemann, Maggia, Ticino (CH)
For his extraordinary creativity as an exhibition designer.
John P. Kummer, Unterägeri, Zug (CH)
For his initiatives in developing self-help groups for people who suffer from depression.
Benno Glauser, Asunciòn/Thun (CH)
For humanitarian aid in third world countries, including projects for street children.


Gesellschaft Minderheiten in der Schweiz
To Dr. h.c. Sigmund Feigel for protecting minority rights in Switzerland.


International School of Zug; Martin Latter, principal
To Martin Latter for his pioneering educational program for multicultural classes.
Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research, Davos (CH)
To Professor Kurt Blaser for extraordinary leadership of research teams.
Arthur Bill, PhD h.c., Berne (CH)
(special award)
For his life-long mentoring of humanitarian projects worldwide.


Jean-Claude Gabus, Neuchâtel (CH)
For his creation of electronic devices for the handicapped.
Jacqueline Burckhardt, Bice Curiger, Dieter von Graffenried, Berne (CH)
For the creation of the international art magazine “Parkett”.
Alexander Pereira, Zurich (CH)
For outstanding management of the Zurich Opera House.


Médecins Sans Frontières – Switzerland
For establishing and administering the Swiss branch of the international humanitarian organization.
Festival Strings Lucerne; Rudolf Baumgartner, Lucerne(CH)
To Rudolf Baumgartner, founder and director for 40 years.


Schweizer Monatshefte für Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur
For the courageous promotion of the uncensored word in their monthly magazine.
Cinémathèque Suisse, Lausanne (CH)
For establishing the archiving and the restoration, the preservation and lending of historical films.


International Menuhin Music Academy IMMA, Gstaad (CH)
For the establishment and leadership of this academy for exceptionally talented string musicians.
Giuseppe and Bruno Savary, MDs, Valle Onsernone (CH)
For medical and social support to an isolated mountain area.


Claude Nicollier, Vevey (CH)
For his contributions to the NASA space programs as a missions specialist.
Papiliorama; Maarten Bijleveld van Lexmond, PhD, Kerzers (CH)
For creating a tropical garden reserve to demonstrate the wonders of nature.
Arthur Cohn, Basel (CH)
For artistic excellence in film-making.


Guido Cotti, PhD, Breganzona (CH)
For research and documentation of the geomorphology, flora and fauna of Southern Switzerland.
Swiss Air Rescue Service REGA
For the establishment of a pioneering air rescue organization.
Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra SJSO
For a pioneering institution to organize concerts by young musicians.
Anne-Marie Im Hof-Piguet, lic. phil., Berne (CH)
(special award)
For WWII rescue efforts of Jewish children in occupied France.


Jean-Joseph Raboud (CH)
For development projects in Northeast Brazil.
Dres Helmut Kiess, PhD and Jürgen P. Hosemann, PhD, Steinmaur (CH)
For developing solar energy technology and for research securing nuclear power stations.
Marc Belfort, Zurich (CH)
Founder of the Zurich Opera House post-graduate academy for young opera singers.


Susana and Antonio Robledo, Onex (CH)
For their efforts to maintain standards for authentic flamenco dancing.
Stiftung Künstlerhaus, Boswil / AG
To Willy Hans Rösch for establishing a home for needy senior artists.
Schweizerische Lebensrettungs-Gesellschaft SLRG
To volunteers who undertake special rescue training in the disciplines required for saving lives.


Schweizer Wanderwege, Riehen (CH)
To volunteers who mark and maintain Switzerland’s extensive network of hiking trails.
Foyer Rives du Rhône, Sion (CH)
For establishing and administering a home for rehabilitation of drug addicts.
Reni Mertens and Walter Marti, Zurich (CH)
For pioneering documentary films.


Prof. Bruno Messerli, Institute of Geography of the University of Berne (CH)
For research on the correlation of human beings and the environment.
Die Dargebotene Hand
To volunteers staffing a 24-hour hotline for the distressed.
BINZ 39 Foundation, Zurich (CH)
To Henry F. Levy offering studio space to up-and-coming artists.


Schweizer Berghilfe
For diligent and successful management of Swiss Alpine Region assistance programs.
Prix de Lausanne, Foundation for Choreographic Art
For the initiation of an international dance competition to promote the art of choreography.


The Zurich Chamber Orchestra, ZKO
To Edmond de Stoutz, founder and director of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra.
Swiss Disaster Dogs Association
To volunteers for training dogs to work in rescue efforts during catastrophes.
Zugerische Werkstätte für Behinderte ZUWEBE
For the establishment and management of a home and handicraft centre for disabled persons.