Prof. Dr. Ruth Signorell

Prof. Dr. Ruth Signorell: «New insights for a better understanding of aerosols»

Prof. Dr. Ruth Signorell is Professor of Physical Chemistry and an internationally recognized scientist who has pioneered the field of fundamental aerosol science. By developing new methods for aerosol measurements, she is making an important contribution to answering fundamental questions about the interplay between environment and climate.  

Born in Switzerland in 1969, Ruth Signorell first studied mathematics and later natural sciences at ETH Zurich. She graduated in 1996 with degrees in physics and chemistry. She then began research on high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy of small molecules. She completed her outstanding dissertation on “Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Cations” in 1999, for which she was awarded the medal of the ETH Zurich. In the course of her work as a professor in Germany, Canada and finally Switzerland, the research work of Ruth Signorell and her team, together with the work of colleagues from other institutions in Asia, Europe and North America, has established itself as an independent research field of fundamental aerosol science. Among other things, she led an international scientific network for real-time chemical and physical analysis of nanoaerosols. Insights from fundamental aerosol research have greatly expanded through the work of Ruth Signorell, demonstrating her ability to continually develop and advance fields of research. She attaches great importance to the promotion of young scientists and equal opportunities for women and men. Her enthusiasm for science has without a doubt contributed to the academic success of many of her collaborators. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding achievements in research and teaching, including an ERC Advanced Grant in 2018 and the Humboldt Research Award in 2019.