La Lanterne Magique, Neuchâtel (CH)

In 1999, “La Lanterne Magique”, a Swiss Film Club for children, was awarded the Doron Prize: “La Lanterne Magique” was founded in 1992 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The idea was to create a place where children aged between 6 and 11 could learn about the history, technical aspects and aesthetics of a good movie, but primarily to unleash emotions like laughter, dreams, sadness and fear. “La Lanterne Magique” has been so successful that an association was founded which has outlets in over 50 cities in the German, French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland. Over 22’000 children take part in watching movies once a month. In addition, the concept behind “La Lanterne Magique” has found an audience beyond the Swiss borders.

This is one example of the many projects which have been supported in the area of the arts by The Swiss Foundation for the Doron Prize.