L’avant-scène opéra

L’avant-scène opéra: “Professional opera ensemble with its own opera academy”

Founded in 1985 by lyric singer and conductor Yves Senn, L’avant-scène opéra is a professional opera ensemble with its own opera academy, which thrills audiences at home and abroad with its performances and concerts.

Inspired by a passion for music, dance and theatre, Yves Senn developed the visionary idea of creating a place that brings together different art forms, but also offers amateurs the opportunity to gain stage experience and perform alongside established artists. After its founding in 1985, Neuchâtel-based L’avant-scène opéra quickly established itself as an outstanding venue. Year after year, L’avant-scène opéra stages captivating opera performances and stunning shows that blur the boundaries between music, theatre and dance. This unique approach not only attracts established artists, but also provides a platform for emerging talent. Many artists have laid the foundations of their careers at L’avant-scène opéra. Among the pioneers of this artistic adventure are names like Brigitte Hool and Bernard Richter.

In addition to artistic excellence, L’avant-scène opéra is also committed to social responsibility and inclusion. A shining example of this is the theatre workshops organised by Yves Senn for people with disabilities. These projects are a testament to the theatre and its director’s tireless dedication to making art and culture accessible to a wide audience while achieving a positive social impact. In addition to this, an opera school for children and young people from the age of five offers not only singing and acting lessons, but also the exciting opportunity to take part in numerous performances and thus experience first-hand the professional environment of the renowned group of artists.

L’avant-scène opéra and its ensemble stand out for their artistic productions as much as for their inclusive approach. Thanks to the tireless efforts of its founder and director, L’avant-scène opéra is now a cultural beacon whose appeal reaches far beyond the borders of French-speaking Switzerland.

With almost 40 years of commitment as a professional opera company with its own opera academy, L’avant-scène opéra makes a valuable cultural contribution and stands out for its professional productions as well as its inclusive approach for children, young people and people with disabilities throughout French-speaking Switzerland and far beyond.