Orizzonti filosofici

Coming to grips with the questions of our times

With its events on philosophical, cultural and scientific themes, the association “Orizzonti filosofici” aims to depict and explain the dynamics and the mechanisms of our times in a philosophical context. In its short history, the “Orizzonti filosofici” has already become established as a place for encounters and exchanges on the fundamental questions of our time and the future of humankind.

The association, which takes a neutral stance on politics and religion, is directed towards a wide audience with a diversity of events, such as the “caffè filosofici” or the “lezioni di filosofia”. It repeatedly succeeds in organising high-calibre lectures and lecture series that attract interest beyond the borders of the canton of Ticino and bring a great range of listeners to the association’s events in Riazzino.

The history of the origins of “Orrizonti filosofici” is just as remarkable as the organisation itself. After studying economics at the Hochschule St. Gallen, Silvio Leoni, a successful entrepreneur in the auto industry, discovered his love of philosophy. He enrolled at the “Università Cattolica” in Milan and concluded his study of philosophy with a doctorate several years later. He founded the association “Orizzonti filosofici” in 2003, and has remained closely linked to it ever since.