Private school Dr. Bossard

Working tirelessly over four generations for the well-being and development of children

The “Private school Dr. Bossard” is a primary school for both boarding and day pupils in Unterägeri in the canton of Zug. From its very beginnings, it has been run by the Bossard family – today already by the third and fourth generation.

The institution was founded in 1896 by Fridolina Bossard-Hürlimann, the sister of the physician Dr Josef Hürlimann, as a children’s hospital and holiday centre. Her sons, the doctors Konrad and August Bossard, and her daughter Marie Bossard constantly expanded the facility. Children from all over the world spent their holidays here after the Second World War, while the educational side became increasingly important. As early as 1945, it was recognised as a private school by the Canton of Zug. The siblings Konrad, Maria and Constantin Bossard together with Elisabeth Köppel-Bossard became the third generation to run the whole establishment in the 1970s. Today, the institution is run by the fourth generation in the form of Konrad, Laura and Fridolin Bossard together with Stephanie Köppel.

The “Private school Dr. Bossard” has space for around 55 children who are having to deal with speech defects, behavioural issues and other educational difficulties. The teaching is geared to the needs of the individual children and provided in accordance with the principles of therapeutic education. Speech therapists work one-on-one with the children. A large site allows for various leisure activities to be offered, like riding and gymnastics. The focus is always on the well-being and optimal personal, educational and social development of the child.

Over four generations, the members of the Bossard family have worked tirelessly for the good of their school and the well-being and development of the children in their care. To this day, the “Private school Dr. Bossard” has retained its personal touch. Its ethical standards and the high quality care it offers mean that it is valued well beyond the Zug region.