Schweizerische Stiftung für die Erforschung von Muskelkrankheiten» (SSEM)

Research into muscle disease

The “Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Diseases” (SSEM) was founded in West Switzerland in 1985. The foundation finances a diverse range of research projects in Switzerland, organises seminars for specialists and is involved in research into these diseases at a number of European centres.

Over 10,000 people in Switzerland suffer from muscle diseases. There are two major categories of muscle disease: neurogenic, caused by dysfunctions of the nervous system or nerve fibres, and myopathic, where skeletal muscle fibres are affected. Both have a severe impact on the quality of life and daily existence of the sufferers. Besides losing the ability to walk, in many cases their life expectancy is very much reduced.
With their Board of Trustees from politics, science and business, and their Scientific Advisory Board made up of professors from every medical faculty of the Swiss universities, SSEM is able to make their voice heard on a national level. By maintaining a presence in the media, making presentations at conferences and attending trade shows, they play a significant role in educating the public about these diseases. To date, the foundation has supported 53 selected research projects to a value of 18 million Swiss Francs. It is to a large extent thanks to all these activities by the Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Diseases that the available therapies for treating muscle disease are much improved.

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